About Hyspec

Hyspec was founded in 1989 in Ireland.   We have offices based in Dublin and Kildare.  Hyspec have over 20 people full time employee’s at present with another 20 part time workers.

Hyspec are NSAI approved and our PSA Licenced (licence number 02767)

At Hyspec, we believe in offering a superior, professional service. We believe that a client's need for the highest levels of cleanliness and security is a given and we deliver this through our stringent procedures and exacting standards. Where Hyspec differs from the crowd is that we also take pride in delivering a personal and custom approach to the needs of our clients

We are specialists in a number of area’s including:

  • Industrial cleaning
  • Contract cleaning – commercial and domestic
  • Security
  • Consultancy

Why Choose Hyspec?

  1. Experience: Over 20 years’ experience in the cleaning industry
  2. Customers: We put customers at the heart of everything that we do.
  3. Partnerships: We build lasting partnerships by tailoring our service to individual customers requirements
  4. People: We hire the best people and train them to be able to offer the best service to our clients
  5. Certifications: PSA Licenced (licence number 02767)
  6. Management: Hands on management. Each customer is assigned a Hyspec manager who will deliver truly outstanding customer service.

Why Industrial Cleaners?

Why choose Industrial cleaners over Self Cleaning?

  • Outsource Staffing and HR issues. You can consentrate on production
  • Fixed Costs
  • Expert in specific fields
  • Minimising exposure to accidents due to highly trained staff
  • Strigent SLA's in place
  • Training program in place for all workers
  • Formal recommendations on weekly/monthly/quarterly basis

Please contact us today to arrange a free site visit and quotation. We are confident that our high quality service combined with our excellent pricing and personalised approach will convince you to choose Hyspec for your industrial cleaning needs.

Whether your needs call for a specialist piece of equipment to be used or whether the item can only be cleaned meticulously by hand, Hyspec are the ideal company to talk to.

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