Protective Cleaning

Hyspec can supply and apply specialised protective coatings for the protection of floor and wall surfaces against vandalism, organic growth and stains. Unlike traditional protective coatings that leave a glossy and smooth finish, the coatings provided by Hyspec are invisible to the naked eye and do not affect the texture of the surface. This means that they can be used on any porous surface from brick, stone and concrete to wood, without affecting the look or grip of the surface. The coatings work by sealing the pores of the substrate at a microscopic level, while allowing air to pass through it. This provides complete protection from any liquids and solvents, but also allows the surface to breathe and so does not affect the lifespan of the substrate.

Our protective coatings can be applied to deliver the following protection:

Anti-Graffiti Protection Oil Spill Protection Frost Damage Protection
Anti-Fly Posting Protection Grime Protection Traffic Pollution Protection
Anti-Gum Protection Organic Growth Protection Acid Rain Protection


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