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This case study focuses on the power washing of a cobbled entrance to a commercial property and the tarmac parking areas. The Cobble had accumulated dirt, moss, and weeds over several years, diminishing its aesthetic appeal and posing a slip hazard in wet conditions. The objective was to restore the Cobbled paving’s appearance and improve safety without damaging the integrity of the cobblestones or to cause loosening of the tarmac.

Hyspec Group were tasked with preparing and completing works with as little disruption as possible.


The subject property is a premium Skoda dealership located in south Dublin and part of the Spirit Motor Group, with a 100-square-meter cobbled walkway and 200 square-meter Tarmac parking area. The cobbles are made from granite, known for its durability and resistance to weather conditions. Despite granite’s resilience, the porous nature of the stones had allowed dirt and biological material to accumulate, particularly in the gaps between the stones.

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The main objectives of the power washing project were:


Remove dirt, moss, and other organic growth from the cobbled surface and tarmac.


Avoid damage to the tarmac, cobble stones and the sand joints between them.


Improve the overall appearance of the outer area and the property.


Reduce the risk of slipping on moss and wet cobbles.




A detailed inspection was conducted to assess the condition of the cobble and tarmac and identify areas with significant moss or weed accumulation.

Equipment Selection

A medium-duty power washer with adjustable pressure settings was chosen to ensure thorough cleaning while preventing damage to the surface.


The Cobbled paving was pre-treated with a biodegradable anti-moss solution to loosen the moss and make it easier to remove.

Cleaning Process

Power Washing:

The power washing was performed using a fan-shaped nozzle to distribute the water pressure evenly. The washer was set to a pressure of 1500 psi, effective for cleaning without dislodging to much of the sand in the joints.


A systematic approach was used, starting from the highest point of the cobble lock, and moving downwards to ensure runoff of dirty water away from the cleaned areas


After the initial wash, a second pass was made on areas with persistent stains or moss growth, using a lower pressure setting for precision cleaning.



A post-cleaning inspection was conducted to ensure that all target areas were adequately cleaned, and no damage was inflicted on the cobblestones or the sand joints.

Window and facade

The windows although not part of the job can get soiled so as part of our post build all windows were cleaned in the vicinity of washing to ensure a full finish on the building and a great look for the client


The Area was dry within 2 - 4 hours, after which it was fully operational again.


The power washing removed approximately 95% of the dirt, moss, and weeds. The granite cobblestones regained their original colour and texture, significantly enhancing the Cobble’s appearance. The anti-slippery nature of the clean surface also improved safety.

The tarmac was black and glossy and all the edges and areas with moss were free from debris and growth.


The power washing of both areas was successful in achieving the set objectives. It restored the aesthetic appeal of the cobble and tarmac and increased safety by removing slippery moss and weeds.

The project highlighted the importance of using appropriate equipment and techniques in preserving the integrity of cobbled surfaces while ensuring effective cleaning. Regular maintenance and periodic power washing are recommended to keep the surfaces in optimal condition.


For future maintenance, it is recommended to:

Regular Monitoring

Check the area periodically for the re-emergence of moss and weeds, especially after rainy seasons.

Spot Cleaning

Address spills and stains promptly to prevent them from setting in.

Periodic Professional Cleaning

Schedule professional cleaning to maintain the aesthetic and functional quality of the area.

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Brilliant result of the exterior building. when I called where able to do the job within our small deadline which is always a bonus really helped us with our Audit. The guys doing the job were efficient and did not disrupt our day to running of our business worked around us. We have since used the team on another site of ours.
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