Hyspec cleaning consultancy service.

Over 40 years of Cleaning industry Experience
We carefully evaluate the current cleaning service to assess if it is the best fit for your premises, reviewing the total number of cleaning employees, the hours they work and the allocation of cleaning areas per employee.
We use our time management experience, Industry best standard production rates and years of cleaning service delivery experience to ensure the report we provide is highly accurate allowing you to ensure your service is providing the best ROI.
We provide detailed information to allow an easy comparison from the current cleaning service to the recommended cleaning service ensuring that you have a basis to allow adjustment of the current service.

Regardless of your facility we ensure that you have detailed information to allow you to rationalise your services to meet your requirement.
We can provide a detailed consultation for a wide range of facilities and have specialists to advise in areas you may need clarification


Initial Meeting
The initial meeting will agree the requirements of the consultation, agreeing the goals and timeframe for the cleaning service analysis.

We will then if we have not already, visit your premises to conduct a site survey to assess the service required for your premises. We collect detailed information regarding the current cleaning program during the survey.

A report will then be produced details the service required including our recommendation allowing you to compare to your current service and implement any efficiencies.

When you have reviewed your report, we will arrange a visit to your premises to address any questions you have regarding your report.

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