Contract Cleaning

Contract Cleaning encompasses all forms of general cleaning such as:


  • Schools
  • Office Blocks
  • Individual offices
  • Shops
  • All places of work


We can provide cleaners to meet your any of your requirements.


The key to our success in this area has been our policy of employing full-time staff wherever possible. This means they have an incentive to offer a better service and we can ensure you see the same people every day. Furthermore we are able to provide in-depth training that matches the requirements of every customer

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Please contact us today to arrange a free site visit and quotation. We are confident that our high quality service combined with our pricing and personalised approach will convince you to choose Hyspec for your industrial cleaning needs.


Whether your needs call for a specialist piece of equipment to be used or whether the item can only be cleaned meticulously by hand, Hyspec are the ideal company to talk to.

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