Food Industry Cleaning

Our Rigorous Process Ensure The Highest Quality Is Met.

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We Put The “Hy” in Hygiene. 

When it comes to food preparation and production, there is no such thing as “too clean”. Hyspec provides complete end of day clean down and sanitising of all floor, wall and work surfaces. Our cleaning services can also encompass any and all machinery as required.

We approach the cleaning of these facilities using a four or five step process (based on client requirements) where we deliver a “gross clean”, followed by a pre-wash, then a chemical wash, a rinse and finally we sanitise the whole area. This leaves the production areas ready for the next day’s activities.

We have experience in raw (both processing and slaughtering) and cooked meats.  Hyspec take great pride in the fact that we have never failed an audit or inspection at any of our partner plants. In addition we brought plants that have failed inspections to the required standards.

For Hyspec to take on the cleaning of a plant we do a detailed analysis of all the requirements in the plant, all the equipment and working practices are analysed and a complete program is put in place.




We will provide a consistent quality led service, that meets and exceeds your expectations.



You can put your trust in our team to deliver a reliable service each and every time to you.



We know not every solution is a one size fits all. We work with you to create and personalise your service.

We can help you with:

Meat and Food Production


Deep Cleaning and Sanitation

Production & Manufacturing Facilities

Refrigerated Cases, Walk in Fridges and Cold Stores

Case cleaning

Why we’re trusted by companies like you

“The company is more of a one stop hygiene solution operation nowadays with comprehensive training provided to staff. The company is responsive and flexible to clients needs.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Hyspec to potential clients. Hyspec have built up a close working relationship with our company and are seen as an important part of our team.”

G.Rossiter QM Tendermeats

Trusted Partners

Below is a selection of some of our trusted partners who we work with:

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