Industrial Cleaning

Big jobs mean big demands. And we go big.

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It’s All In The Details

Hyspec offers all-encompassing cleaning services for your industrial needs.
Variety is the spice of Leinster, so customisation is key!

Whether it’s the daily cleaning of floors, workstations and machinery or ensuring auditable standards are met responsibly and diligently, our detail-oriented process means you’ll receive consistent results, every time.

Having a rigorous cleaning regime in place not only improves efficiency in the workplace and the safety of staff; it also saves valuable time, revenue and stress when inspection day comes around.

Did I mention that our partner plants have never (ever) failed an audit or inspection?



We will ensure to get the job done as fast as possible while maintaining the quality of our work.


We price all of our jobs at the most affordable rates. We will try to give you maximum benefit for your investment.


Walk us through highly customized jobs and we will make sure to get you what you need.

We can help you with:

Specialist Power Washing to Pavements and High Level Façade Cleaning

Deep Cleaning, Sanitisation and Disinfection

Pole fed and High Level Window Cleaning

Gutter Inspection and Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Stripping and Sealing of Floors

Why we’re trusted by companies like you

“The company is more of a one stop hygiene solution operation nowadays with comprehensive training provided to staff. The company is responsive and flexible to clients needs.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Hyspec to potential clients. Hyspec have built up a close working relationship with our company and are seen as an important part of our team.”

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