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Maintain the integrity of your property’s fixtures and fittings by scheduling a Hyspec specialist.  

Having looked after both commercial and residential buildings in Leinster for over 20 years, we’re fully equipped and vastly experienced in helping to preserve your property.  

There’s an old rule-of-thumb – imagine turning a house upside down, anything that doesn’t fall out is a fixture or fitting. That’s quite a lot!  

Hyspec help to protect valuable assets such as windows, toilets and sinks so that unexpected costs don’t creep up.  

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Why we’re trusted by companies like you

When we needed a cleaning company to look after our premises, Hyspec came highly recommended, they have lived up to all expectations and we now recommend them.

Maurice KellyGeneral Manager, Riverbury PLC

I was looking for a specialist cleaning company to take on the tougher end of our cleaning tasks, Hyspec exceeded my expectations with the quality and hard work their company puts into each individual job. Try them once and you wont regret it.

Michael ForrestManaging Director, Michael Forrest and Sons Ltd

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