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Freshen Up Dull Decors

The Hyspec team offers comprehensive painting and decorating services that keep interior and exterior surfaces healthy, clean and attractive.

Hyspec caters to all size properties and our robust packages can be planned around our clients so that routine and ad hoc maintenance can happen seamlessly without disrupting your tenants or business.

Next to flooring, walls can receive the greatest amount of wear on a property.

Inside, dirt and grime from human contact, discolouration from cooking fumes or smoke, blotches and stains as a result of hobbyist mishaps and on the outside; traffic fallout, bird lime and weather elements.

All of these factors work together in dulling that fresh-look feel and tarnishing a property’s appearance.

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When we needed a cleaning company to look after our premises, Hyspec came highly recommended, they have lived up to all expectations and we now recommend them.

Maurice KellyGeneral Manager, Riverbury PLC

I was looking for a specialist cleaning company to take on the tougher end of our cleaning tasks, Hyspec exceeded my expectations with the quality and hard work their company puts into each individual job. Try them once and you wont regret it.

Michael ForrestManaging Director, Michael Forrest and Sons Ltd

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