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Bespoke cleaning services for the hospitality sector including Bar, Restaurant and Hotels

Does your bar, restaurant or Hotel need some TLC?

Whether you’re a bar, Hotel or Restaurant Manager part of your remit is to ensure your premises look well presented all the time. Your customers will notice a clean and inviting environment, and will appreciate the efforts made to keep your premises smelling, feeling and looking clean. We know how to do that, and do that well for you. At Hyspec we offer flexible and tailored cleaning services to suit your needs and requirements. Our team guarantees a professional and quality service at all times. Our commercial cleaning services are available on an ad-hoc or contract basis all while ensuring its done with minimal disruption to you, your customers or employees.

Do you struggle to keep your bar, restaurant or hotel clean and well presented?

In the hospitality industry, first impressions are important. Hyspec takes pride in working with many of Ireland’s leading and most prestigious bar, restaurants, and hotels. We ensure that when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, the first impression is a positive one. We partner with our hospitality clients to provide a flexible, reliable, cost effective service that can be tailored around your unique requirements including busy times, on/off-peak seasons and customised services. Our clients continuously receive compliments from their guests and for their high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

Some Key services for this Sector include:

  • Pressure Washing
  •  Facade Cleaning
  •  Carpet Cleaning
  •  Window Cleaning (Interior and Exterior) including High Level and hard to reach windows
  • Deep cleaning of communal areas, ballrooms, meeting and conference areas
  • Deep cleaning of industrial Kitchens including cold stores, walk in fridges, ovens, grills etc.

Types of Hospitality Sectors

No matter what size or type of commercial property you have or the type of business, the services needed are generally the same. From interior windows and carpet cleaning services to exterior pressure washing or facade cleaning each of these services can be used to improve the look and feel of your commercial property keeping both your employees happy in a safe and clean environment, all while ensuring your customers see you care about clean and keep them coming back.

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First impressions are everything, you rely on reviews from happy customers, but we have all seen bad reviews of hotels who don't have good cleaning habits. Interior cleaning services such as high level dusting, window cleaning, carpet deep cleaning and hard floor surface cleaning all the way outside to the exterior of a building all are equally important and need investment to be done right. When windows aren't clean people notice, when car parks are not pressure washed and maintained throughout the year, people notice.
At Hyspec we will help you with any cleaning problem and create a bespoke solution for your hotel. We can work on once off projects or on bigger Group level projects. From specialist cleaning of spa and leisure facilities to facade cleaning we can help you give your hotel that well needed curb appeal

Pubs are a very busy place. They can go from clean to extremely dirty very quickly due to the nature of the business. If your premises also sells food it can add even more dirt and grime that needs to be cleaned. Our expert cleaning team understands how to deep clean all areas of a pub setting. We ensure every contact surface including under tables and legs/bases of chairs and seating areas are thoroughly cleaned. Whether daily, monthly or periodic cleaning we can ensure your pub is clean and appealing each day you open. We’re here to support you when you need us.
Any restaurant owner, manager or even leading chef knows how hard it is to keep a restaurant clean. All front of house areas need to be pristine. Kitchen areas even more so must be kept clean and to the expected hygiene standards. We understand that you need to be Food Safety Audit ready, and when you arent we also know how to create a bespoke cleaning programme to get your kitchen areas back up to speed. From equipment deep cleaning, to high level degreasing and cleaning we have you covered. We can also help maintain all your front of house floor surfaces by deep cleaning carpets, hard floors including stripping, polishing and buffing. We find periodic cleans the most useful for our restaurant clients in keeping the premises looking top notch. And dont forget we can also do shop front cleaning windows/doors, outdoor seated areas including canopy cleaning and terrace cleaning.
Why Choose Hyspec?

Need a reliable and professional hospitality cleaning service?

Our bespoke service works well to ensure you get the cleaning service you actually need. We can work within project timelines, on large and small projects utilising an array of cleaning services and techniques.

Our teams come ready and are set up to complete every type of job to a high standard each and every time.


Over 25 years’ experience in the food cleaning industry.


We put customers at the heart of everything that we do.


We build lasting partnerships by tailoring our service to individual customers requirements.


We hire the best people and train them to be able to offer the best service to our clients.


Hands on management. We engage directly in every contract and lead the teams from the front.

Hospitality Cleaning Services Frequently Asked Questions

Hospitality FAQ’s:

How do we quote for your hospitality business cleaning needs?
We will always ask you for as much information as possible before giving you a quote. We will generally look for photos/videos of the areas first and then depending on the project especially for bespoke or large projects we will arrange to stop by briefly to view the bar, restaurant or hotel before the final quote is provided. This ensures you will be offered the service you need, and we are confident we will meet your expectations also while taking your budget in mind. All estimates/quotes are emailed to you
Hyspec comes equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you complete an array of different cleaning tasks that generally your daily cleaning team do not have the time to do or are simply not skilled enough to complete to the right standard. Especially if it’s a twice yearly job or a specific ad-hoc need such as deep cleaning of a heavily soiled carpet. Our team is ready and able to tackle all those jobs without much disruption to your customers or in-house team.
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