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Tailored and Managed cleaning services for your school, college or education building

Does your school need a good freshening up?

At Hyspec, we understand that your facility requires a certain level of expertise and quality to maintain health and safety and hygiene standards to protect staff and students from cross-contamination, and to safeguard your facilities.
Our cleaning team are experienced in school and education facilities, and work hard to ensure you see the clean and value of having our cleaning team look after your premises. Not only do we provide daily school cleaning on a contracted basis, but we also offer once off deep cleaning services such as stripping and polishing of floors, deep cleaning of carpets, deep cleaning of toilet & locker room areas, deep cleaning canteens and staff rooms, and not to mention even cleaning of your Home Ec or Science labs we can do all that. We ensure a high level of hygiene is maintained throughout the year.

We also offer consumable replenishment to ensure you are never caught short. We can also offer exterior cleaning and maintenance services such as grass cutting, hedge trimming, leaf or outdoor debris removal and not forgetting windows and gutters which are generally forgotten about for years!
We will work with you to create the best cleaning plans possible to suit your requirements and your budget.

Do you currently struggle with your cleaning requirements?

Are you extremely busy keeping your school or education facility going? Maybe you struggle to supervise and manage your in house cleaning team? Or really you just don’t feel you are getting value for money from your existing cleaning company?

Look no further – this is where we excel. Our experience helps us to support you, and not only your daily cleaning needs but your monthly/quarterly or even yearly cleaning requirements.

We look at every school, college, education facility individually – we will give you a couple of options depending on your requirements. We can manage and plan it all, leaving you only to worry about your staff, students and visitors who you know will be happy and productive in a clean and maintained environment.

School Cleaning

Whats included in our education facility cleaning services?

Not only can we be your once off cleaning solution, we can also partner with you for the long run. Daily cleaning contracts for the school year, deep cleaning in your college during mid terms, even down to stripping and polishing floors during the summer months. We can review whats going on in your building, create a tailored solution that will lead to a better cleaning and hygiene standard. We manage the staff, we manage the equipment, we manage the plan and will be the first to bring forward solutions to any cleaning issues you have.

Why Choose Hyspec?

Why Choose Hyspec

Our commitment to deliver a professional, reliable, and quality-based service that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our clients. We take pride in our work and are driven to achieve excellent results.

From our office team, and throughout our Industrial divisions we believe that a warm and friendly interaction is just as important as a spotless environment. All while providing you with a bespoke cleaning service that matches your individual business cleaning needs.


Over 25 years’ experience in the food cleaning industry.


We put customers at the heart of everything that we do.


We build lasting partnerships by tailoring our service to individual customers requirements.


We hire the best people and train them to be able to offer the best service to our clients.


Hands on management. We engage directly in every contract and lead the teams from the front.

School and Education Facility Cleaning Services Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions here:

I’m not sure what we need, can you do a site visit with us?
We know every school and education facility is different, although the services you will need are mainly the same we will start with asking some basic questions, and then arrange a more in depth visit to your site at a time that works for you. This would include finding out your current cleaning set up, what you think your areas of need or concern are, and down to reviewing what specific tasks you actually need done vs what is being carried out. We will provide you with a couple of options and all with solutions to your cleaning needs.
Yes, we can provide contracted or once off cleaning services that work around your school hours. For some types of cleaning such as floor stripping and polishing its always best to do when the school is closed and has little to no traffic for a day or more. Equally we want to give you the best outcome and find cleaning in a people free environment help our teams to stay focused, and get through the work efficiently – all while not disrupting your teachers or pupils.
Our aim is always to meet your expectations, and in most cases we will exceed them however if your budget does not accommodate the full suite of services that we recommend don’t worry we can review and provide you with a priorty plan that would ensure keys areas are given priority cleaning time.
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